Implementation of a cloud collaboration service for a chain of stores

Project objective:

  • Reduction in cost of communications between geographically distant branches
  • Simplification of work on joint projects
  • Expansion of the ability to interact with partners and suppliers
  • Improvement in efficiency of management personnel working time


Cisco Spark cloud collaboration solution (Cisco Webex Teams), which provides the ability to organise Webex conferences with external users.

Project results:

  • Training and holding of brainstorming sessions with participation of geographically distant colleagues, customers and partners
  • Conducting webinars, marketing campaigns and seminars using video
  • Remote demonstration of new products
  • Support for users located remotely from service specialists
  • Exchange of information with teams located in different parts of Ukraine
  • Maximising effective use of resources by people working together without needing to spend time and money on business trips
  • Organising meetings anywhere, any time, from any device.