Quality policy

The main provision of the quality policy of ITIS LLC is the priority of providing quality IT services to Customers at the design, development and implementation of infrastructure, network, engineering solutions, solutions in the field of cybersecurity and business applications.

The company aims to gain a leading position in the Ukrainian market by meeting the needs of Customers, building professional relationships with them, providing quality innovative IT solutions.

The quality policy corresponds to and contributes to the achievement of the company’s goals.

Company has formed and is constantly improving the Quality Management System to achieve the goals and quality policy. ITIS LLC focuses all its efforts on continuous improvement of personnel and processes to increase the level of quality and innovation of services provided.

The key principles of ITIS LLC quality policy:

  • improving the quality system and introducing best practices to improve the quality and effectiveness of projects, such as Customer Success, etc.
  • research and use of modern innovative information technologies from the world’s leading manufacturers
  • involvement of each employee of the Company in achieving goals in the field of quality and conscious responsibility of employees. Every employee of the Company understands that the quality of the results of his work depends on the quality of work of other employees and the Company as a whole
  • improving the reliability, compliance and quality of our products and services
  • continuous growth of qualification and professional level of employees. Use of best management practices, organization of production processes in accordance with ISO 9001: 2015
  • partnership and cooperation between all participants in the process: customers, vendors, suppliers, employees of the Company, for the quality of the project
  • management responsibilities — the top management of the organization is the main guarantor of creating favorable conditions for the development of quality management system, implementation of advanced management methods and work and guarantees delivery to staff of Customer requirements, government and other regulatory requirements for products (services)

The management of ITIS LLC assumes full responsibility for the implementation of the Quality Policy at all levels and is committed to continuous improvement of its overall effectiveness.