ITIS announces confirmation of new service competence Integrated Data Protection Appliance from Dell Technologies!


Integrated Data Protection Appliance (IDPA) is a single software and hardware, easy to deploy and manage converged data protection solution, which includes a data protection platform, data protection software, search technology, advanced monitoring and analytics.

Advantages of IDPA:

  • Convergence and complexity. The combination of integrated hardware, software, and a ready-made, preconfigured IDPA deployment will help ensure that the environment is 10 times faster than your own solutions.
  • Speed ​​and relevance. The next-generation IDPA data protection solution can deliver 20 percent more performance. This also applies to data recovery, which can be performed instantly for virtual data workloads thanks to flash technology.
  • High efficiency. IDPA offers industry-leading deduplication technology with an average ratio of 55: 1. Compared to its main competitors, the solution provides four times more scalability for increasing workloads.

ITIS provides a comprehensive approach to data protection of the customer organization and support. The IDPA solution greatly simplifies the data protection environment and reduces its total cost of ownership.