ITIS Cisco IoT Authorization!


With extensive experience in implementing and supporting software and hardware solutions, ITIS has become an authorized partner of Cisco IoT. This authorization indicates that our engineers have the necessary qualifications and allows you to implement projects to ensure safety in enterprises, monitoring the production process, data collection and their automated transmission using Internet of Things technologies.

We are part of the growing world of IoT and have unique expertise to implement and maintain Cisco IoT solutions, as well as provide cutting-edge technology and expert customer support to help companies benefit from IoT capabilities.

The Internet of Things improves connections between people and objects: connecting devices, machines and things to the network allows you to dynamically receive, analyze and transmit data, increase efficiency and implement new business models.
According to McKinsey, the number of companies using IoT technology has increased from 13% in 2014 to 25% today. By 2023, the number of IoT-connected devices in the world is projected to reach 43 billion.

Cisco develops and offers the best IoT solutions in various industries, based on best practices that ensure the efficiency of implementation and further operation of complex and high-tech systems.

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