Modernisation of the network infrastructure

Project objective:

Ensuring continuity and security of service


Comprehensive modernisation of the network infrastructure was carried out, using Cisco equipment as the base. To ensure continuity, the key nodes of the solution provide redundancy of components (wireless network controller, core switch). Network access control is provided by the Cisco Identity Services Engine.

Advantages of the system:

  • Secure context-based access to business data
  • Optimised network monitoring with a simple, flexible and user-friendly interface
  • Implementation of enhanced policies
  • Optimised guest access
  • Use of personal devices to work with corporate data (BYOD)
  • Unified control panel
  • Automatic device compliance checks
  • Sharing of detailed data about users and devices

Project results:

  • Smooth operation of the entire business infrastructure
  • Improvement in overall network reliability and security, which reduces the likelihood of failures, unauthorised data access
  • Improvement in IT efficiency and information security has reduced operating costs