Supply of servers and Storage System

Prerequisites to project:

The enterprise IT infrastructure must cope with the ever-increasing needs and critical tasks of the business. To support the company’s growth, provide it with the necessary resources and uninterrupted operation, it is necessary to continuously monitor, update and replenish the basic infrastructure with new technologies.


Banks generate a huge amount of data and queries every day. That is why they constantly need more and more power.
ITIS organized the supply of:

    HPE Superdome Flex Servers — reliable modular computing platforms based on the x86 architecture that enable mission-critical applications, accelerate data analysis, and take a comprehensive approach to workloads with high-performance computing and artificial intelligence;
    HPE MSA — the industry’s best entry-level SAN arrays with Fiber Channel, which raise the bar of initial storage systems and allow applications with different budget capabilities to accelerate applications;
    Pure Storage FlashArray//X — the next-generation all-flash repositories, which provide maximum performance and enterprise reliability for tier-one applications, are optimized to support the lowest latency workloads and provide an unprecedented level of high-density performance that achieves previously unattainable levels of consolidation.